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Bingo is an old game that used to be played for fun. Families play it to while away the time or to make little children forget their boredom and prevent them from being a nuisance. Today, bingo has regained its popularity not just as a form of entertainment but as a game where people who are lucky can win cash, offline or online. Bingo Café UK is one of those sites on the internet that offers people with entertainment and a chance to win cash playing bingo.

Players at Bingo Café UK enjoy incentives that increase their chances of winning by having more money for betting. If you have just registered to Bingo Café UK and you have no cash in your account yet, you can still start playing because you will be given free bonus bucks worth 20 pounds. But don't ever think of withdrawing this amount to use for your own personal needs because you could never withdraw it. You can only use it to play bingo and your winnings will be added to your bonus bucks. Unless you make a deposit to your account, you cannot get any amount from the bonus bucks. Once you have deposited an amount, your winnings will appear in your cash balance, which means that you can withdraw it and use it to buy whatever you want.

Bingo Café UK also offers 300% bonus bucks for your first deposit, with a maximum of 300 pounds worth of bonus bucks. This means that you deposit 10 pounds and you can have 30 pounds free betting money. The bonus bucks cannot be withdrawn, but the money that you win will be added to your cash balance and that is the amount that you can withdraw. In short, you can only withdraw money from your account which is part of your winning but not a portion of the amount given to you as a bonus. Bingo Café UK extends this to you so that you can have more fun as you play at the online gaming site.

There is free bingo to play at Bingo Café UK. This is played at noon time until midnight. You can purchase cards and the amount will be refunded to you after the free game has ended. Your winnings will be your own.

You can also join the Mega Bingo Marathon at Bingo Café UK where prices could be as high as 1000 pounds. This game has a special schedule so, you have to check the time and date if you want to have the chance to have big winnings.

Bingo Café UK offers monthly tournaments, and one of these are the Rainbow Connection, where points are given to cards with the most number of colors. Aside from bingo, there are other fun games featured at Bingo Café UK. If you are already tired of playing bingo or if your luck seems not to hold in this game, you can shift to another tournament which is the weekly slot.

Visit Bingo Café UK and have great fun and more chances of winning cash.

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